• A defining dining experience.

    Hemisphere will engage your senses with an inspiring array of culinary delights and incredible panoramic views of planes etching the night sky…

  • Driving here is as effortless as flying here.

    Hemisphere’s central location on the 9th floor of the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport combined with our complimentary valet service ensures that enjoying our spectacular views and culinary delights is always effortless…

  • Locally sourced. Thoughtfully served.

    Led by Executive Chef J Jeffrey Powell, Hemisphere’s menu infuses robust international flavors and seasonal local ingredients to create a fusion of modern flavors from around the world…

  • Take a Wine Flight

    Head north with a selection of wines from the northern hemisphere or down south with a wines from the southern hemisphere. All you need to do is pick which direction. Wines rotate daily, and your server will explain where you will be traveling and the wonderful flavours you will be tasting today.

  • The Spice of Life

    Enjoy the ‘spice of life’ with some new variety in your wine palate! Our two Wine Cuvee systems allow you to sample small, medium or large portions of your current or next favorite wine. This is the ultimate try before you buy system. Let us make it easier for you to spread your wings and take flight! Purchase a $50 Wine Cuvee card & receive a $5 discount. Purchase a $100 Wine Cuvee card & receive a $10 discount. Cheers!